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Horizon ARS is a venture by a group of financial, banking and legal experts to offer financial consultancy to business community, assistance to banks, both nationalized and private sector, financial institutions, NBFCs etc, in recovering debts strictly in accordance with Guidelines issued by RBI from time to time.

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Asset recovery services

Horizon effectively ‘own’ the whole process of the service. Our collection teams collect redundant product in vehicles, this is then direct shipped back to dataserv’s processing facility where we fully test, audit and data wipe, as relevant, and provide reporting on each collection. The final part of our process is to then provide onward treatment according to each individual client’s programme. Under controlled and secure conditions we implement tracking procedures to ensure every individual item of your equipment is monitored and its progress tracked and recorded throughout its time at our facilities. Depending on the age, condition and marketability of the equipment it will move to one of the following key services:
• Remarketing
• Redeployment
• Employee Sales
• Buy Back
• Donations
Our experience will help us identify which process we think is most suitable, however, you may wish to specify a different method of redistribution.

Financial consultancy

We have one of the best in-house research team, which has sound understanding of SMEs through clients in India. In addition, we also have 11 outsourced equity analysts from the Dalal Street with expertise on 15 sectors and offer financial advisory services. We have published a report on the Public Procurement policy, providing market access to SMEs of INR17tn over FY14-20. Horizon is covering 90 BSE listed SME companies and 5 BSE – SME exchange listed companies.

Financial consultancy -
We provide project specific, company specific and sector specific consultancy services. We help companies expand businesses through network expansion. We also help in balance sheet strengthening and improvement in both credit and business profile of the company.

Facilitating OTS

You can use a debt settlement company or a lawyer to settle your debts as well. The debt settlement company will contact your creditors for you and negotiate the settlements. During this time you will be making monthly payments to the debt settlement company, which they will save to negotiate settlements for you. The debt settlement companies will take a portion of that money for fees for their services. Additionally some debt settlement companies suddenly close and take all of the money you have paid with them. It is important to carefully research the company and make sure it is legitimate and has been open for several years before going with them. A debt settlement lawyer will work in a similar way as a debt settlement company. It is important to carefully consider all of your options when you want to work with debt relief firm.

Helping/identifying buyers for disposal of asserts

This agreement is subject to buyer being within their established Credit Limit and all outstanding balances are in a current status. If this agreement shall put the buyer over their Credit Limit established seller should have the right to request current audited Financials and current Credit information to approve this agreement. If this information is not provided by the buyer, seller shall have the right to cancel this agreement at anytime along with the following conditions. If (a) Buyer shall default in the payment of any amount hereunder, or under any other agreements in force between the parties (with reference to parties shall also include any affiliate of the parties), for a period of 7 days from the due date of such payment, or if (b) a material adverse change occurs in the financial or other condition of Buyer and such material adverse change in the opinion of Seller makes it unlikely that Buyer will be able to perform all or any of its obligations hereunder, then, without regard to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, Seller is, at its sole discretion, entitled to (i) stop any Products in transit and defer any further deliveries under this Agreement or require cash in advance of any delivery until Seller has been satisfied of Buyer's ability to pay or creditworthiness, as the case may be, and/or (ii) terminate this Agreement with immediate effect.

Educating borrowers and assisting them to come out of tight financial


The focus on student loan issues and students struggling with repayment is at an all-time high— and still growing. As the cost of higher education continues to rise, colleges and universities see more students borrowing more money than ever before and, with that, increasing defaults on federal student loans. Many of today’s students invest in their education without a solid understanding of the responsibilities and consequences of borrowing. Too many undergraduates enter without basic financial literacy skills. Transfer and graduate students often are already saddled with student and consumer debt.

When it’s time for repayment, these students frequently are confused by the multiple and complex loan repayment options. Without guidance, they may automatically accept the standard ten-year repayment plan, not realizing other options may offer terms and conditions better suited to their situation. Simply put, students facing these challenges need help from their college or university.

Associating with asset recovery companies(buyers) like ARCIL

The word asset reconstruction company is a typical used in India. Globally the equivalent phrase used is " asset management companies". The word "asset reconstruction" in India were used in Narsimham I report where it was envisaged for the setting up of a central Asset Reconstruction Fund with money contributed by the Central Government, which was to be used by banks to shore up their balance sheets to clean up their non-performing loans. However, this never saw the light of the day and later on Narsimham II floated the idea asset reconstruction companies..

How Does ARC actually Works :
ARC functions more or less like a Mutual Fund. It transfers the acquired assets to one or more trusts (set up u/s 7(1) and 7(2) of SRFAESI Act, 2002) at the price at which the financial assets were acquired from the originator (Banks/FIs). Then, the trusts issues Security Receipts to Qualified Institutional Buyers [as defined u/s 2(u) of SRFAESI Act, 2002]. The trusteeship of such trusts shall vest with the ARC. ARC will get only management fee from the trusts. Any upside in between acquired price and realized price will be shared with the beneficiary of the trusts (Banks/FIs) and ARC. Any downside in between acquired price and realized price will be borne by the beneficiary of the trusts (Banks/FIs).

Helping to arrive at suitable CDR with banks

Definition of 'Corporate Debt Restructuring'
The reorganization of a company's outstanding obligations, often achieved by reducing the burden of the debts on the company by decreasing the rates paid and increasing the time the company has to pay the obligation back. This allows a company to increase its ability to meet the obligations. Also, some of the debt may be forgiven by creditors in exchange for an equity position in the company.

Investopedia explains 'Corporate Debt Restructuring'
The need for a corporate debt restructuring often arises when a company is going through financial hardship and is having difficulty in meeting its obligations. If the troubles are enough to pose a high risk of the company going bankrupt, it can negotiate with its creditors to reduce these burdens and increase its chances of avoiding bankruptcy. In the U.S., Chapter 11 proceedings allow for a company to get protection from creditors with the hopes of renegotiating the terms on the debt agreements and survive as a going concern. Even if the creditors don't agree to the terms of a plan put forth, if the court determines that it is fair it may impose the plan on creditors.

Horizon ARS provide legal consultation in debt settlement and complex

recovery procedures

A judgment is just a piece of paper. It’s the court sponsored enforcement of that piece of paper that is the problem. You could end up with liens placed against your real property, your bank account levied and wages garnished directly from your employer. There are even instances where a sheriff can show up to take a look around at your “stuff” and inventory personal items that can be taken to satisfy a judgment (this happens, but relatively rarely).

Judgment debt, whether past due credit card bills, personal loans, medical bills and other debts, are easier to negotiate and settle while maximizing your percentage of savings results .

Enabling compromise between borrowing bank and the lender.

Loan Modification is a compromise between a lender and borrower when the borrower is unable to repay the loan installments according to its original terms. Modification restructures the terms on which the loan is based without any additional refinancing. The lender may modify the current interest rate, principal balance due, number of months within which the loan must be paid, or other terms of the loan to suit the finances of the borrower.

With the help of professionals, the borrower can convince the Banks and lenders to compromise on less money and let the borrower stay in the property rather than bearing the expense of a foreclosure lawsuit.

Generally loan modifications can take place at any point in the foreclosure process, whether pre-foreclosure, after judgment is entered, or in very rare cases even after the foreclosure.

Though the RBI, Government and individual banks are taking enormous and concerted steps to tackle in advance the problem of stressed assets, the slippages are growing in almost all banks due to poor performance of Indian Economy as such.